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How can therapy help?

Counselling and psychotherapy are both 'talking therapies' that help us to make sense of our lives. Counselling may be shorter - 6-24 sessions - and may be used to work through a specific issue or dilemma. It may feel helpful to have the supportive and facilitating space that counselling can provide, outside of your family or friendship circle, to be able to listen to and process your own thoughts and feelings regarding an aspect of your life in a more focused way.


Psychotherapy typically takes place over a longer period of time, usually structured in an open-ended way rather than for a fixed number of sessions. It is likely to cover many aspects of your life, such as your personal history, your emotional life, your current relationships, your ambitions, your values and beliefs, and to look at more long-standing issues and difficulties.


The benefits of psychotherapy are that you may gain a deeper awareness and understanding of your own thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour. This can enhance your relationships with others as you may gain increased awareness of the impact of your own history and behaviour and feel more in control of how you act in and respond to situations. At the same time, you may begin to feel more tolerant of others' difficulties and more able to comfortably and effectively manage and maintain boundaries with others.

You may find that you can develop more effective personal strategies for managing low moods, anxiety, stress, loss, anger and troublesome memories when they come. Psychotherapy can also aid in the process of working through traumatic experiences with a greater sense of resilience.


You may find that therapy increases your self-confidence and encourages a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.


As an experienced therapist who has helped many people through their own personal journeys, I recognise that taking that first step into counselling or therapy can feel daunting.


I can offer you a safe, supportive environment where you can feel comfortable to explore and reflect upon any of the problems, dilemmas or frustrations you may face and which you may choose to address at your own pace.


I aim, at all times, to create an atmosphere in which you can feel respected and valued, treated with the patience, sensitivity, kindness and understanding needed to facilitate your trust in the process.

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