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Why seek therapy?

The decision to seek therapy or counselling may be prompted by a significant life event such as a bereavement or loss, a relationship breakdown, an employment difficulty or other personal crisis. These can leave one feeling stressed, anxious, confused, depressed, overwhelmed, isolated, and lacking in confidence and self-esteem.


You may be drawn to therapy by a sense of being stuck, not being able to move forward or make changes, feeling confused about what direction to take, and finding the same thoughts going around in your mind. You may feel you are repeating the same mistakes or getting into familiar patterns in relationships.


You may be questioning your own sense of identity or how others seem to see you and how you respond to them. You may find that you are having difficulty negotiating the boundaries between yourself and others.

There may be an issue which is difficult for you and continues to cause a disturbance in your life and emotions. It can feel difficult to get past such hurdles alone.


You may also be coming to therapy out of curiosity and a feeling that you need to connect more with your inner self, learn more about your internal world and develop your personal awareness. To make more sense of yourself and how you are operating in the world. To explore what it is you might need or want from life. To tackle important life decisions, transitions and plans for the future.


Embarking on therapy is a brave and positive step which signifies a desire to gain greater understanding and find the personal strength and resources to confront life’s challenges, and make changes, if necessary, to improve your life and sense of wellbeing.

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